Que Sera Sera – Advice from Mom

Que sera sera - Musings by Megha

There comes a point in life when you realize EVERY.PIECE.OF.ADVICE given by your mother was true. You might pooh-pooh the thought of it happening, but happen it will, my friend.

The moment it dawns on you..

The moment it dawns on you.. (#1)

If I had to choose one word to describe my Mom, it would be Catholicon (and it has absolutely nothing to do with religion). It means a universal remedy for all ills or diseases. Think about it. Does a better remedy exist for skinned knees, broken bones or sutured hearts, than a mother’s healing kiss and warm embrace? I think not. The world seems a little less scary when she’s by your side – no matter how old you get.

Having a Mother who is a major in plant genetics, makes your childhood (and quite honestly, your entire life) inescapably coupled with nature. I remember hair being washed with natural soap nuts; ancient Ayurvedic herbs shoved down throats to enhance memory; castor oil massaged into brows to make them naturally lush and shapely; ubtans a.k.a. traditional body scrubs exfoliating dead cells with deadly precision and.. Well, you get my drift..

When we were young, my sister and I b!tched and moaned our way through the utterly-motherly ministrations (as if we really had a choice!)

Somehow, during our highly pretentious I-know-what-you-mean-before-you-even-say-it adolescent years, we managed to escape the herbalistic life by repeatedly concocting devious excuses. In all probability, Mom would have finally decided that it was too much of a bother to bring two headstrong and hormonally charged girls to heel. I’m sure she felt it was a que sera sera moment and time would make us eat humble pie! (My mother: the equipollent Nostradamus)

Fast-forward a couple of years (years that were littered with hormonal wreckage, acne breakouts and countless chemicals) where my lackadaisical attitude and makeup obsession had done quite a number on my face. In short, the idiomatic pie (flavor: humble) tasted like sawdust.

You were right, Mom! Please don't make me say it again!

You were right, Mom! Please don’t make me say it again! (#2)

Often, the very products that are “scientifically researched for best results” are usually the ones stealthily disturbing the delicate equilibrium of our bodies. Now that the illusion was gone – the ignis fatuus of arrogance had led me to a place that was no longer fitting in with my new way of life (you know – the 42.86% yogic lifestyle and miscellaneous health obsessions)

The dormant naturopath in me awakened. *drumroll*

I can see the light, Captain Picard!

I finally see the light, Captain Picard! (#3)

And what a sight to behold!

Cupboards and shelves containing chemical-based food, beauty and bath products were thrown out.

Out with the old.. Although, in a less hysterical manner

Out with the old.. Albeit, in a less hysterical manner (#4)

I started rethinking every (ok, ok, almost every) product that I used and researched healthy and natural alternatives. It might sound like taking it to the next level of obsessiveness, but a drastic lifestyle change cannot take place in a day – especially if you want sustained results. You have to study the various alternatives and select the most viable one for you. And knowing the kind of person I am, I prefer to keep the shock factor to a bare minimum (lest I be overwhelmed by it all and have a crash-and-burn situation on my hands).

During this time, I made two new BFFs – Pinterest DIYs and Green Yatra. Whilst most of you would be familiar with the former, Green Yatra is an NGO whose Facebook page I “fortuitously” (note the double quotes) stumbled upon, on one of my mindless scrolling sessions. It has tons of interesting tips about naturopathy, wellness and weight loss (Although, I do wish they would proofread their articles for translation and grammatical errors prior to publishing).

So, with these two added to my arsenal, I unhesitatingly became my own guinea pig – largely due to the fact that I couldn’t seem to enlist anyone else. (Pfft! Trust issues and all that jazz)

Why you no trust me?!

Why you no trust me?! (#5)

Bring it on, I say! *determined expression*

Raw eggs, baking soda, vinegar, honey, milk and other smelly gunk were used in varying degrees to transform myself into a semblance of a modern-day Cleopatra. And honestly, something seemed to be working! But since I was doing so many things at the same time, it was nigh impossible to isolate what exactly was causing the change.

Damn right I am!

Damn right I am! (#6)

Now, to add to my exhaustive list of *ahem* skills is a penchant for treating people. I’ve got quite the reputation of being a regular Ms.Fix-It at my workplace – Skin, hair fall, weight loss, memory retention etc. (I know, I’m brilliant!) However, I never claim to be a certified doctor or rather a certified anything, but all the natural remedies seem to work without a hitch.

I remember the time when I slept with saran wrap/cling film around my torso, hands and legs and ended up losing 1” all over (Yes! The self-mummification was worth it!) Needless to say, the entire design studio was sleeping in saran wrap for the next few days.

It’s all safe as long as you don’t end up looking like this!

It’s safe as long as you don’t end up looking like this! (#7)

I started the 30-day plank challenge, the 30-day oats challenge, had everyone making baking soda pore-tightening masks, rubbing cinnamon oil to remove cellulite, oil pulling *dry heave* and many-many more – all with great success*. (*Terms and conditions apply)

The only cloud on the horizon was my experiment with homemade shampoo and conditioner. I had somehow managed to mess up the ingredients and it kind of exploded in my hair.


Yes. This happened to me.

Yes. This happened to me. FULLSTOP. (#8)

But relax; you can still trust my methods!


You CAN!

Although I would advise you to steer clear of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) bath products (Especially if you have no clue what you you’re doing).

And while my mother looked on from the sidelines, I can almost hear her saying, I told you so!

As they say, hindsight is always 20/20.

Yes, you were! *bear hug*

Yes, you were! *bear hug*

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15 thoughts on “Que Sera Sera – Advice from Mom

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  2. Haha ! Lovely post ! Trust me I have those moments of ‘ mom was right’ every now and then ! It’s a different thing that I don’t admit them in front of my mom *cheeky grin*…

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  3. Hahaha… Can’t stop laughing… I remember your pumice stone revelation in college… That you can stop the forest growing on the hands and legs… Did it really work? I wonder!! 😂😂😂

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