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Laziness is a state of mind.

Yes. You heard me.

It’s all in your frikkin’ mind.

Having been (and in many aspects continue to be) lazy, I can safely vouch to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on said topic.

Now don’t get defensive and hide behind the fact that your body refuses to support certain physical pursuits, viz., cleaning your room, dusting the house, loading the dishwasher, laundry rounds etc. (Disclaimer: Hold your horses! This doesn’t extend to those who are unable to do stuff due to unavoidable physical impairments)

But, in the end… Lazy is what lazy does!

Presenting *drumroll* – The Lazy Checklist! If you’re guilty of the below, know that you ARE a lazy a$$.

#1. The snooze button on your alarm is your best friend. 

Hit the snooze button - Musings by Megha


#2. You justify the need to not brush your teeth over the weekend

*Whine* Do I really need to brush my teeth? It’s the weekend!

Brushing the lazy - Musings by Megha

Childhood traumas usually leave psychological imprints.. such as brushing! #2

#3. Pants on my day off?! I don’t think so!

That requires pants - Musings by Megha

The picture says it all. #3

#4. You create an alternate universe where all chores are completed magically – while you vegetate. 

Fairy godmother cleaning the house - Musings by Megha

Where’s the fairy godmother when you need her?! #4

#5. You go grocery shopping with the intent of eating healthy and are so tired by the time you reach home – that you order a big a$$ pizza.

Too tired to cook, order pizz instead meme - Musings by Megha

This is me EVERY weekened. Et tu?! #5

#6. You try to complete all tasks that require bending down in one go – to avoid bending down again.

I'm not lazy, I'm physically conservative - Musings by Megha

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. #6

#7. Your gym instructor thinks you’re a new member when you decide to drop in for a visit.

Didn't make it to the gym - Musings by Megha

Story of my life. Only difference is, I don’t look that guilty. #7

#8. Inhuman control over your bladder. Cause the alternative would include getting up!

I do not have to urinate - Musings by Megha

Sheldon, Ladies and Gentleman! The ‘master’ of his ‘bladder’ 😉 #8

#9. Living dangerously on the edge of deadlines by pushing all things till the very last minute – filing your tax returns, submissions and the like.

Stressed out - Musings by Megha

Oh, the stress of it all! #9

#10. You wish you could do telekinesis to move things kept beyond your hand span (water, soda, food, beer etc)

Telekinesis pizza - Musings by Megha

I need this power NOW. #10

#11. Your laundry room looks like a war zone

The laundry war zone - Musings by Megha

The laundry war zone. #11

#12. The further away the remote is, the more you like what’s already on TV

I have an app for that - Musings by Megha

TV remote is too far away? I have an app for that! #12

#13. Why make your bed when you’re gonna get right back in it – say in another 15 hours?!

Homer's dream within a dream - Musings by Megha

A dream inside a dream. Inception – The lazy version! #13

#14. Screw the ‘Terms and Conditions’ just click Accept.

Lazy Facts - Musings by Megha

*Text Glossover* SCREW IT. Just click accept! #14

#15. When you’re too lazy to even “LIKE” this post and spread the love.

I should be ashamed of myself - Musings by Megha

Shameless, you are. SHAMELESS. #15

(If you managed to reach the end of the post – I’m impressed!!! 😉 ) Tweet: 15 habits that prove you're a lazy a$$ http://ctt.ec/H8cu5+ via @musingsbymegha
In the meanwhile, lazy asses unite!!


xx, M

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21 thoughts on “15 HABITS THAT PROVE YOU’RE A LAZY A$$

    • Hello Jenn!! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! And I sure will! This is going to be my new THING now 😉 Thanks for giving us such a platform to share our posts!
      A quick ques: can we post an old post as well or is it restricted to new ones??


  1. Check, check and check ! I swear if there was a world wide competition of ‘The most laziest’ person in the world, I ain’t bragging or nothing but I’d flat out win it. I ain’t lying. ASK ANYONE who knows me !! Like if I just started listing the amount of times my laziness got the best of me, this’d be a long ass comment :/

    Anyways, I tell everyone, I’m not lazy, I’m just on power saving mode 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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