I know it took me a while to get around to writing this post, but for what its worth here’s the acceptance speech…

Kuzco getting ready - Musings by Megha

Brace yourselves! Here it comes.. (#1)

*Clears throat*

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! *Mic screeches*

I would like to begin by acknowledging all the wonderful bloggers who have deemed me worthy of such honors (yes, it’s plural) – THANK YOU! How did you manage to fall for my charms?! *Bewildered*

To my readers – Thou art more than a daily statistic to me. You continue to amaze me with your persistence! I want you to know, by reading my musings, you validate my madness everyday and encourage me to be more than what I’d ever hoped to be – a confirmed whack job. Here’s an extra dollop of ❤ for you!

To the people in my life – You inspire me with your quirks, idiosyncrasies and wisdom. You are the fodder for this blog *Does that make you feel used? Well, here’s a half-a$$ed apology!*

Lastly, I would like to thank me, myself and I – Blogger, editor, graphic designer, marketing & PR personnel all rolled into one hot mess. Without my shameless optimism, this blog wouldn’t have been possible *Hey! Everyone deserves a pat on the back – even if you’re patting your own!*

Complimenting Brain - Musings by Megha

Oh, another thing! I’m going to break away from tradition and do this award thingie my way…

So without further ado, here are the awards yours truly has been nominated for!



Liebster award - Musings by Megha

Nominated (thrice!) by: Lanna (Wake up Dylan), Willow (Create Mindfully) and New Millenium

What’s all the noise about: The Liebster award recognises new bloggers.

section end


Infinity Dreams Award - Musings by Megha

Nominated by: Fabiola (My Heart of Mexico)

What’s all the noise about: The Infinity Dreams award demands facts about yourself and answering a set of questions!

section end


Dragons Loyalty Award - Musings by Megha

Nominated by: Dear Lily June

What’s all the noise about: The Dragon’s Loyalty award demands interesting facts about yourself!

section end


Versatile Bloggers Award - Musings by Megha

Nominated by: Mandy (Bluemands)

What’s all the noise about: The Versatile Blogger award demands interesting facts about yourself!

section end

Win - Musings by Megha

Yasss! *pees in excitement*

Now, here are 5 randumb facts about me:

  1. I design leather handbags, belts, wallets etc. Sometimes, I manage to amaze even myself with the stuff I create!
  2. If life had gone another way, I would’ve been a nuclear scientist… On second thought, in the interest of planetary safety, I’m glad life didn’t go that way! *Reader breathes a sigh of relief*
  3. In a parallel universe, I’m a musical marvel. I have always wanted to shatter glass with my vocal chords. *Inner diva starts vocal warmup*
  4. Incorrect capitalization bothers the heck out of me! *Borderline OCD in the house*
  5. Almost everyone calls me Encyclopedia.

Share the ❤

Here are some amazing bloggers that TOTALLY deserve your attention. I enjoy reading their blogs and hope you’d too!

  1. Dear Lily June. Her words could bring you to tears, make you smile or leave you vulnerable, by exposing old wounds that’ve not quite healed. Every post is a piece of art. It keeps me coming back for more.
  2. Life Confusions. Gut-wrenching (mental) visuals accompany posts that take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. A very realistic way to look at life.
  3. Crossed Eyes and Dotted Tees.The self-appointed grammar police in the blogosphere. Her “Three Mistakes That Make Me go Arghh!” sections are to die for! She might sound daunting, but Ellie’s a sweetheart *She magnanimously forgives all my grammatical tresspasses*
  4. Ben’s Bitter Blog. I can safely guess that Ben’s going to be quite a bear about being nominated for yet another award. Ben, if you’re reading this – This is NOT an award nomination! Just a simple acknowledgment to let you know that your grumpiness leads to giggles and smiles (Despite your most valiant efforts to do the polar opposite).
  5. The Red Bag and Purple Shoes. Stunning photography accompanies this travelogue. Discover quaint towns, countries and places of interest from the eyes of (I quote) ‘a Taurian explorer.

Thank you!

*Lifts award in air and exits stage*

Blowing Kisses - Musings by Megha

xx, M (#2)

section end

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And the award goes to - Musings by Megha

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26 thoughts on “AND THE AWARD GOES TO…

  1. Ohmigosh Megha!!! I didn’t realize you had singled me out up there – until I noticed that you were one of my ‘referrers’ today!!! Haha, well a very belated thank you to you, from me, the Grammar Cop (and Writer Extraordinaire, cough cough)! xoxo


  2. Megha !!! Omg this was such an awesome post ,I’m so humbled by your acknowledgement ,thank you very much 😘💟💜

    And hey I wanna see some of your handbag and belts creation someday ,you are so talented ~bows down~ 🙌🙏🙆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely, Jenn! It does feels great when your work is acknowledged!
      Soo glad you like my ‘voice’.. To me, it seems totally ditsy! 😉
      I’m in a state of perpetual amazement when my readers say they’ve enjoyed my post.. But well, if the shoes fits.. 😉


  3. Hearty congrats! Here’s a question, Encyclopedia, that has recently been bugging me. I write for an online zine and they asked me to always capitalize ‘Internet’. My default is a small ‘i’, as in ‘internet’. Research told me a lot of people fall on both sides of that discussion. What do you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great question, Jacqui! I know there are conflicting views on the subject. I, for one, follow (and prefer) the lowercase version of the word (Unless, some grammar check/autocorrect has sneakily corrected my text behind my back)

      In my opinion, the first and most obvious point is that “internet” isn’t a proper noun (yes, it does stand for a unique entity but not a physical place – so for me it just doesn’t qualify – some might disagree), so why would we need/want to capitalize it? It’s simply a medium that we use to get our point across just like mobile, television etc. So do we go about capitalizing all those words? Err, No!

      Methinks, it has more to do with its origins, where it began as THE thing as opposed to what it has become – a way of life. Correct me if my facts are incorrect, but didn’t we capitalize Telegraph in the beginning? So, maybe it IS okay to lose the capitalization due to common usage.

      I hope I haven’t opened a can of worms! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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