It’s 2nd October, a Friday morning and I’m twiddling my thumbs at home. Why am I not in office, you may ask? Because on this very day, 146 years ago, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi entered the world rubicund and squalling (so I would presume)

The only difference with this baby and the rest of.. well.. humanity, is that, years later, he died with a portfolio of work even the United Nations would’ve been proud of (and probably is).

A lot has been said, written and debated about him over the years, but this post is certainly not another birthday card in disguise.

As I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed, I was inundated with articles and digitally enhanced pictures of the quintessential Gandhian spectacles. It made me think of another visionary, much closer to home.

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LE HUSBAND CHRONICLES – A Stomach Of Steel (and I’m NOT talking about Superman)

Le Husband Chronicles: Musings by Megha

This post is for those who:

  1. Are/about to get/were married
  2. Are/about to get/were in a relationship
  3. Neither wish to get married nor have a relationship – pop open that bottle of wine, kick up your heels and have a laugh at our expense

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Que Sera Sera – Advice from Mom

Que sera sera - Musings by Megha

There comes a point in life when you realize EVERY.PIECE.OF.ADVICE given by your mother was true. You might pooh-pooh the thought of it happening, but happen it will, my friend.

The moment it dawns on you..

The moment it dawns on you.. (#1)

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