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Laziness is a state of mind.

Yes. You heard me.

It’s all in your frikkin’ mind.

Having been (and in many aspects continue to be) lazy, I can safely vouch to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on said topic.

Now don’t get defensive and hide behind the fact that your body refuses to support certain physical pursuits, viz., cleaning your room, dusting the house, loading the dishwasher, laundry rounds etc. (Disclaimer: Hold your horses! This doesn’t extend to those who are unable to do stuff due to unavoidable physical impairments)

But, in the end… Lazy is what lazy does!

Presenting *drumroll* – The Lazy Checklist! If you’re guilty of the below, know that you ARE a lazy a$$.

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Master Yoda – A minion you become???!!

My sis sent me a pic of her latest minion acquisition from McDonalds. I couldn’t resist turning it into a meme 😉 #masteryodaminion #masteryoda #jetiminion #minions #happymeal #mcdonalds

Master Yoda Minion on Musings by Megha

Master Yoda Minion on Musings by Megha

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