I know it took me a while to get around to writing this post, but for what its worth here’s the acceptance speech…

Kuzco getting ready - Musings by Megha

Brace yourselves! Here it comes.. (#1)

*Clears throat*

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! *Mic screeches*

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It’s 2nd October, a Friday morning and I’m twiddling my thumbs at home. Why am I not in office, you may ask? Because on this very day, 146 years ago, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi entered the world rubicund and squalling (so I would presume)

The only difference with this baby and the rest of.. well.. humanity, is that, years later, he died with a portfolio of work even the United Nations would’ve been proud of (and probably is).

A lot has been said, written and debated about him over the years, but this post is certainly not another birthday card in disguise.

As I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed, I was inundated with articles and digitally enhanced pictures of the quintessential Gandhian spectacles. It made me think of another visionary, much closer to home.

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LE HUSBAND CHRONICLES – A Stomach Of Steel (and I’m NOT talking about Superman)

Le Husband Chronicles: Musings by Megha

This post is for those who:

  1. Are/about to get/were married
  2. Are/about to get/were in a relationship
  3. Neither wish to get married nor have a relationship – pop open that bottle of wine, kick up your heels and have a laugh at our expense

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The danger of living in glass houses - Musings by Megha

An absolutely terrifying, traumatic and torturous incident took place at work today. (Now that’s a lot of adjectives that start with a T). PAUSE. (I have a strange feeling that some of you may have already started laughing *huff, followed by a hair flip*)

My place of work is beautiful. One could call it a Palace of Glass  – largely due to the dominance of silicon dioxide to that of brick and mortar.

I often find myself admiring the industrially austere minimalism of the construction, with its lush gardens and strategically placed indoor landscapes.

Not to mention, what the abundance of reflective surfaces does for a closet narcissist. *preening*

The danger of living in glass houses - Musings by Megha

I know Cinderella didn’t have much to begin with.. But a bubble? Really?? #1

It was at one such surface, while I was stealthily checking my mane for gravity-defying signs, when I heard a loud sound.


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Que Sera Sera – Advice from Mom

Que sera sera - Musings by Megha

There comes a point in life when you realize EVERY.PIECE.OF.ADVICE given by your mother was true. You might pooh-pooh the thought of it happening, but happen it will, my friend.

The moment it dawns on you..

The moment it dawns on you.. (#1)

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Surviving a Dietary Apocalypse – Like a Boss!

Surviving a Dietary Apocalypse - Like a Boss (Musings by Megha)

There comes an epiphanic moment in every person’s life that dramatically changes his or her outlook. And it goes something like this –

Sinner + Epiphany = Better human being

Better human being + Epiphany = Potential sinner

The degree of sinning and goodness, however, is subject to the individual’s epiphanic impact. (I managed to impress even myself with this line. Let’s hope it doesn’t go downhill from here!)

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Master Yoda – A minion you become???!!

My sis sent me a pic of her latest minion acquisition from McDonalds. I couldn’t resist turning it into a meme 😉 #masteryodaminion #masteryoda #jetiminion #minions #happymeal #mcdonalds

Master Yoda Minion on Musings by Megha

Master Yoda Minion on Musings by Megha Registered & Protected 


Welcome back! If you’ve missed reading the first post in this series – “Weight management for the shamelessly optimistic”, you can do so here. (Go on! You won’t regret it)

The others – read on! The light at the end of the tunnel is not that far away.

God bless this hot mess 2

Spring is a time of great joy. The dreary winter months can finally be left behind. Chapped lips are naturally moisturized and most importantly, one can stop looking like a polar bear’s first cousin. Much like the molting of a snake, layer-upon-layer of clothing is shucked off until the kernel remains.

My moment of angst begins and ends with this kernel.

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Weight management for the shamelessly optimistic“It’s a hormonal thing!” Raise your hands if you’re either 50% of the female population that unfortunately has to deal with imbalanced hormones or the remaining 50% who conveniently takes shelter behind those clumsy scapegoats.

And raise both your hands if you can proudly claim to be falling into each of the above categories.

Come-on! Don’t be shy. I’d probably be the one leading the pack.

My journey with weight management is a rather recent one, but, that doesn’t minimize its importance or impact in my life. To better understand how I got to this point, you would need to know where it all began. And I’m not talking about the big bang! (although it would be fairly accurate to call it my big bang)

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