26 Witticisms from the Abbey

Adieu, Downton: 26 Witticisms from the Abbey - Musings by Megha

Have you ever felt that you simply do not belong to the century in which you’ve been born?

I have.

(Although, I often doubt my planetary origins as well.)

Possible alien pedigree notwithstanding, I have followed the lives and loves of the inhabitants of Downton Abbey to compensate for my closet born-in-the-wrong-era longings.

The wit and wisdom of the characters, doled out with a healthy dollop of sarcasm, is refreshingly honest and oh-so-relatable against a Monseigneur-ish backdrop.

Come Christmas, the curtain is about to fall on the series’ successful six-year run and I’ve wound up some of my favourite quotes, ripostes and witticisms to commemorate the end of the insanely successful period drama.

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